Publishing to Jekyll From iPad with Shortcuts and Working Copy

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This is a post that has sort of been in the works for a while now, ever since I got the chance to travel halfway around the world this summer! You can read more about that trip here.

My blog is generated using Jekyll, a wonderful static website generator that allows me to convert markdown files into new posts with very little effort. I’ve written in the past about how I set up my blog using Jekyll in the first place - in fact, it was my first post! So all I need to do is stick the markdown files in the right place, and I’ll be able to generate new posts.


iOS and iPadOS 13 - The MacStories Review (Linked)

Floating iPhones Cover Image Every September, Federico Viticci from MacStories publishes a wonderful review and in-depth analysis of Apple’s latest version of iOS. This year he has not only done it again, but it artfully encompasses both the traditional iOS and the brand new iPadOS.


Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown at dusk

Queenstown: the final destination of my trip, known for its winter and extreme sports. I arrived in the evening and checked into Haka Lodge Queenstown (yes, the same chain as the one from Auckland), and headed out to grab a bite to eat at the famous Fergburger. Supposedly Fergburger serves the best burgers in the world. I can’t speak for the meat variant, but while the falafel burger I had was very tasty, it certainly doesn’t hold up to that standard!


Christchurch, New Zealand

Damaged church in Christchurch

Christchurch ended up being a sort of last minute booking for me. I hadn’t really thought out what I wanted to do there, and my main motivator for visiting was the tour bus that I was planning on taking from Christchurch to Queenstown (you can read about that further down this post). There isn’t quite as much to do in Christchurch as there is in other cities, thanks to the massive earthquake that devastated the city in 2011 and reduced around 80% of the downtown core to rubble. But, I was able to make my short time there worth it!


Wellington, New Zealand

The Northern Explorer train

As I mentioned in my Auckland post, I decided to travel from Auckland by way of the Northern Explorer, a train that runs through the North Island countryside over the course of about 10 hours. The seats were comfortable, the food available on board was tasty (albeit not cheap), and the views were spectacular!