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A New Chapter

Posted 5 years ago

Since I moved to the city at the age of four, I have never spent more than two weeks at a time away from Ottawa. On January 2nd, 2019, I moved to Boston to begin a four month internship with TripAdvisor at their headquarters. Needless to say, this is a pretty big step for me, and writing about my impressions and experiences in depth will give me the opportunity to reflect on the changes I will have gone through, both as a person and as a developer. Read more…

Farewell, TripAdvisor

Posted 6 years ago

For the past four months, I’ve spend each and every weekday at TripAdvisor Canada. I can honestly say that my coworkers were a group of people that inspired me to be a better programmer. Each day, I was amazed by their incredibly deep knowledge of such a wide variety of programming-related topics, their astute problem-solving abilities, and their dedication to their craft. This created a work atmosphere that I would look forward to being a part of every day. Read more…

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