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Implementing UICollectionView / UICollectionView DiffableDataSource in SwiftUI

Posted 5 years ago

Just a few days ago at WWDC19, Apple announced that they had been developing an incredible new declaritive UI framework called SwiftUI, designed to substantially increase the rate at which developers can create, test, and tweak beautiful layouts for their apps. However, it became clear after the first day or two of the conference that not quite everything that was possible using UIKit had an equivalent in SwiftUI, notably UICollectionView. To find out how to interate UICollectionView with SwiftUI, I did what any WWDC attendee (or scholarship winner!) would do: asked at the labs! Today I’ll be sharing with you what I found out. Read more…

How I Won a WWDC Scholarship

Posted 5 years ago

I’ve been developing iOS apps on and off for about three and a half years now, and recently started a co-op work term as an iOS developer for TripAdvisor (see here for more on my move to Boston!). But last night, for the first time, I received news that I was fortunate enough to receive a student scholarship to attend Apple’s WWDC this year in San Jose, California. Attending WWDC has been something on my bucket list probably since the time I started getting interest in programming, so to receive the opportunity means a whole lot to me. I’d definitely like to thank Ben Emdon, a WWDC scholarship winner himself, for giving me the push that I needed to apply. Read more…

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